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Mission & Values

We believe in virtuous economies, immutable agreements and aligning business incentives with consumer needs.
Build commerce with cryptography, game theory and digital assets that scale.

Smart Contracts and Web 3.0

Decentralize ops, security and data privacy concerns while empowering your users.
Deploy immutable agreements, proofs and digital assets. We elevate your technical architecture with the Web3 stack.

Scalable Decentralization

Why promise when you can prove?
Create provable business logic and data provenance that scales. We leverage cryptography breakthroughs with applied design patterns to lead the industry.



Matt Lockyer

Matt Lockyer is passionate about disintermediation and the sovereign individual. With an academic background in computer science, university lecturing and curriculum development, Matt is uniquely qualified to be coaching businesses building on blockchain and embracing the new digital economy. Currently connected with several projects in the blockchain ecosystem solving real world problems.

Anil Patel

Anil is an independent analyst within the digital assets' ecosystem. He is a contributor for Hackernoon, occasional guest-lecturer and launched the first bitcoin-denominated university scholarship in Canada. He holds an MBA, PMP and was part of MIT's inaugural FinTech Innovation certificate cohort. Recently, Anil attained the Certified Bitcoin Professional designation through C4. Having lived and worked across five countries, Anil is now based in Vancouver.

Brendan Asselstine

Brendan is realizing practical blockchain applications using radical transparency while contributing to open source. Brendan Asselstine has architected web and mobile applications for 10 years. He is deeply committed to blockchain technology as he believes it will power the next generation of the web and put power back into the hands of individuals. Brendan is currently developing a token curated registry ecosystem for doctors with MedCredits. In his free time he's developing an application allowing individuals to issue awards on Ethereum.

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